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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Examined after a Car/Auto Accident!!

Untreated, many people suffer with headaches, back, and neck pain for years after an accident. Chiropractic patient care has been shown to provide effective relief from the sprain and strain resulting from motor vehicle accident injuries.

Whiplash injury is the effect of sprain and strain in the neck, and results from injury to joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine.

When there is an impact to the vehicle, most often from the rear, and the neck is "whipped" back and forth, this is technically termed hyperextension and hyperflexion of the cervical spine. Nerves are often injured during this process and can cause a radiation of pain to the arms or legs, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision or other symptoms.

skull neck bonesWhen viewing a x-ray of the neck after a whiplash injury, there is most often a loss of the natural curvature, or lordosis. Medical radiologists will note this condition when reading a patient's x-rays, disregarding whiplash as they do not consider it momentous, and some ignore whiplash altogether if it does not present itself in an X ray. Conditions can present themselves after a patient has been released and made a settlement without an attorney. This means that they have to take care of all the medical bills themselves if not covered.

Unfortunately, if this condition is left untreated after the swelling goes down, whiplash injury can contribute to many different symptoms and health problems that can lead to arthritis in the spine that could have been prevented.

Specialized Chiropractic care provides relief of pain, removes pressure or "pinching" that can cause damage to nerves, and prevents the proliferation of spinal arthritis by normalizing the movement of individual segments of the spine, thereby resolving the "wear and tear" that otherwise occurs.

Chiropractic treatment truly rehabilitates the areas of injury, by helping to restore the natural curves of the spine, along with exercises and other positive treatment. It is rare that in this type of treatment you will hear a Chiropractor say to you, "you have to learn to live with it."

Most vehicle insurance companies will cover the fees for Chiropractic treatment applied for in full for injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, either through third party or State or medical pay type insurance, or both.

Look for a Chiropractic office that can provide service to verify insurance coverage and to directly bill the carriers involved as a courtesy to their patients. You need to be able to pursue the care you need without the stress of handling insurance and related concerns. You can choose to handle the financial aspect of care on your own or in whatever ways you choose.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause injury and pain in other areas of the spine and body. Patients often complain of associated shoulder pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, and pain to the hips and legs. When multiple areas of the spine are involved, the condition is more complex. Treatment may need to be over a period of weeks, usually resulting in the patient getting full movement and full recovery.

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