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Unfortunately, studies show that most of us will be in an auto accident at some point in our lives. The only question remaining, is how bad will it be?
The following are important things to remember if you are involved in an auto accident:

1. Seek treatment as soon as possible.
If there is a chance you may be seriously hurt, you should go to the Emergency room at your local hospital. There they can rule out fractures and life threatening injuries.

2. If you are still experiencing pain and discomfort a few days to a couple weeks later, than you should come to our office to find out if you have any structural damage.
NOTE: The longer you wait after an accident to come to our office, typically the longer it takes to get you better.

3. Most auto insurance companies have what is called Med Pay. This means that your bills will be paid up to 100% up to a certain limit. Our office can check that for you.

4. If the accident was not your fault. The other party's auto insurance should cover your health care expenses in our office. We do all of the paperwork for you.

5. At the accident scene, get as much information on the other driver or drivers as possible. An accident report by Police is always helpful, but not required to have a case.

6. You should never settle with an insurance company before you have had us evaluate your injury for you. If you settle before your injury is fully resolved, you will be completely on your own and will have to pay out of pocket for your care.

7. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult after an auto accident. We have a number of reputable and highly qualified Attorneys who we can refer you to for a complimentary consultation. Hiring a reputable Attorney essentially takes you out of the direct bargaining process with the insurance company and all the paperwork and phone calls associated with that and lets you concentrate on healing.

8. Injuries sustained after a car-accident if left untreated can lead to spinal degeneration and a host of other problems for years to come.

FINAL NOTE: We find that many people involved in an auto accident that WAS THEIR FAULT never get treatment.
This tends to be due to the fear that their insurance will go up after a claim is filed.
Your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is why you have auto insurance in the first place.
Many insurance companies will not raise your rates after 1 or even 2 accidents in the same year.

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

The Texas Department of Insurance requires automobile insurance carriers in our state to issue all automobile policies it writes at least $2500 worth of coverage and you have this coverage unless you reject it in writing. Most people are unaware of this coverage or even know what it is and therefore very few people use it. You end up paying for coverage that they don’t inform you about and you’re entitled to.

Why? Insurance is not understood and most people rely on their agent and claims adjusters to advise them on what to do after an accident. Insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry and are in business to make money. They keep their costs down, less payout, more profits and bonuses at the end of the year. Good for them and not for you.

What is PIP?

PIP is no fault coverage similar to health insurance but on your auto policy for your injuries and your passengers injuries. This coverage is available regardless who is at fault. Yes, you can be the cause of the accident and you will still be covered. There’s no deductible and no co-payment. There is other separate coverage that will cover the other party if you were at fault. If you do not have PIP then you could still be covered if you were in an accident in another state besides Texas. You may also be covered if you were hit in a crosswalk by a car or on a bicycle or borrowing someone else’s car.

What will a claim do to my insurance rates and policy renewal?

Under section 5.7016 of the Texas insurance code, automobile insurance carriers cannot non-renew you for filing one PIP claim in a 12 month period. Also, it is unlikely that they would raise your rates for a sole PIP claim.

Why doesn’t the other guy’s insurance pay for my medical expenses and why should I use my insurance?

Medical treatment is expensive and you are liable for the costs. There is a chance that the other party may never pay for your medical expenses leaving you a financial burden. PIP gives you peace of mind that your medical bills are covered. If you use your health insurance, you may have to pay a deductible and co-pays to your doctor and if the health insurance finds out that you were in an accident they could request to be reimbursed. Some people get referred to a medical provider by their attorney and the medical provider agrees to be paid months or even years later. Since there are a limited number of medical providers who agree to this arrangement, your choice and quality of healthcare may be limited. The answer is to use your PIP coverage so you will not have to pay for medical expenses out of your pocket and get the best possible healthcare treatment available for you and your family’s injuries caused by the accident.
The Four Phases of a Whiplash Injury

During a rear-end automobile collision, your body goes through an extremely rapid and intense acceleration and deceleration. In fact, all four phases of a whiplash injury occur in less than one-half of a second! At each phase, there is a different force acting on the body that contributes to the overall injury, and with such a sudden and forceful movement, damage to the vertebrae, nerves, discs, muscles, and ligaments of your neck and spine can be substantial.

Phase 1

During this first phase, your car begins to be pushed out from under you, causing your mid-back to be flattened against the back of your seat. This results in an upward force in your cervical spine, compressing your discs and joints. As your seat back begins to accelerate your torso forward, your head moves backward, creating a shearing force in your neck. If your head restraint is properly adjusted, the distance your head travels backward is limited. However, most of the damage to the spine will occur before your head reaches your head restraint. Studies have shown that head restraints only reduce the risk of injury by 11-20%.

Phase 2

During phase two, your torso has reached peak acceleration - 1.5 to 2 times that of your vehicle itself - but your head has not yet begun to accelerate forward and continues to move rearward. An abnormal S-curve develops in your cervical spine as your seat back recoils forward, much like a springboard, adding to the forward acceleration of the torso. Unfortunately, this forward seat back recoil occurs while your head is still moving backward, resulting in a shearing force in the neck that is one of the more damaging aspects of a whiplash injury. Many of the bone, joint, nerve, disc and TMJ injuries that I see clinically occur during this phase.

Phase 3

During the third phase, your torso is now descending back down in your seat and your head and neck are at their peak forward acceleration. At the same time, your car is slowing down. If you released the pressure on your brake pedal during the first phases of the collision, it will likely be reapplied during this phase. Reapplication of the brake causes your car to slow down even quicker and increases the severity of the flexion injury of your neck. As you move forward in your seat, any slack in your seat belt and shoulder harness is taken up.

Phase 4

This is probably the most damaging phase of the whiplash phenomenon. In this fourth phase, your torso is stopped by your seat belt and shoulder restraint and your head is free to move forward unimpeded. This results in a violent forward-bending motion of your neck, straining the muscles and ligaments, tearing fibers in the spinal discs, and forcing vertebrae out of their normal position. Your spinal cord and nerve roots get stretched and irritated, and your brain can strike the inside of your skull causing a mild to moderate brain injury. If you are not properly restrained by your seat harness, you may suffer a concussion, or more severe brain injury, from striking the steering wheel or windshield.


closed head injury from car accident

Closed head injury from car accident incidents occurs when a victim's head violently impacts some internal portion of a vehicle, is struck by a moving object during collision, or strikes any other non-moving object in the course of a motor vehicle accident. Closed brain injury from car accident incidents results in damage to the skull, brain, or scalp, but does not penetrate the skull. Closed head injury from car accident incidents may be difficult to diagnose because there might not be any visible external injury that indicates head trauma.

Closed head injury from car accident injuries that results in brain injury is most commonly known as a concussion. A concussion can range from mild to critical in terms of severity. Concussion closed head injury from car accident incidents can result in a temporary loss of consciousness or coma, or symptoms may not appear for some time after the initial trauma. Bleeding and swelling of the brain can occur from this type of closed head injury from car accident incidents when the brain is violently jolted back and forth in the skull upon impact. Even a mild concussion can result in subtle brain damage.

Brain damage in a closed head injury from car accident incidents can have physical, cognitive, and psychological repercussions. The physical characteristics of a closed head injury from car accident incidents can occur immediately following the initial accident or can worsen in the period following the accident. Physical repercussions of a closed head injury can include: headaches, paralysis, coordination difficulty, weakness, sensory problems, nausea, and difficulty sleeping.

Concussion related brain damage in a closed head injury from car accident incidents can also impede on a victim's cognitive abilities. This can greatly affect one's ability to work or attend school following a car accident. Problems with attention and concentration, difficulty with both short and long term memory functions, trouble reasoning and problem solving, and reduced information processing may all be cognitive impairments that develop after a closed head injury from car accident incidents.

The consequences of a closed head injury from car accident incidents can also intrude on a victim's personal relationships and psychological well being. People who have suffered these types of head injuries may experience changes in their personality. Closed head injury from car accident victims may suffer increased irritability, anxiety, and dis-inhibition. These victims may lack adequate coping mechanisms and social skills as a result of their injuries.
Victims who have suffered closed head injury from car accident incidents may be eligible to seek compensation for their damages if the accident was the result of another party's negligence. This liable party may be another driver or it may be the producers, distributors, or repair people responsible for the defective auto parts that caused the car accident. Victims of closed head injury from car accident incidents can seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income or earning potential, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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